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    integration process

    Connect your platform to Pay-me’s API
    in only minutes


Integrating your e-store to
Pay-me does not require expensive equipment

Swift integration process with minimum impact in interaction with merchants’ website.


Merchants’ can sell and accept payment from different card brands with Pay-me

Agreeing on an integration process for each card brand is not necessary.
Pay-me provides an integrated solution that accepts payments in cash or credit from highly accepted brands.

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Pay-me Partner

Become a business partner and obtain benefits such as additional income, training, certifications, among others.


How can my business integrate with this solution?


  • With Pay-me, your business can be directly integrated and obtain the necessary tools and support during the integration process.
    Download integration kit
    Based on programming language


  • Pay-me can enable merchants’ to integrate indirectly through an authorized payment service supplier (CMS). Technical investments are avoided as well as integration tests in order to carry out tasks in less time.
    Download integration kit


  • Pay-me provides connection libraries that decrease integration efforts for major mobile application technology. These libraries have to be included in the merchants’ mobile application and a payment button will be immediately activated to start carrying out sales through e-commerce.
    Operative Systems Available


  • Based on all security standards, merchants’ can collect their clients’ card data without leaving the purchase environment. For such purpose, Pay-me provides an integration channel for REST Services where Pay-me participates as an authorization entity.
    Download integration kit
    based on programming language



Pay-me provides management
tools for merchants to monitor
daily transactions.

Simple development provides


Simple and easy
integration kit.


Integration with different shopping carts and plugins that do not require codes.


Testing environment to try out Pay-me functions.


API for mobile applications (iOS and Android).


API opens to tailor merchants’ interface.


Beta Tester, first to test new functions for merchants.

More Benefitss

Once Pay-me integration is carried out, merchants will have more options to sell and receive online payments.


pay me beneficios

Bank reconciliation

Charge all card brands and compare operations with bank statements. Integrated operative management.

Management module

V-Payment management module generates sales reports, balance inquiries or wire transfers to merchants’ bank account.

Recurring charges

Merchants can make recurring charges by registering their clients’ credit cards in the management module. Number of installments is agreed upon between the merchant and buyer.

Payment methods

Choose payment method by offering buyers payment choices (credit cards or cash).


Pay-me provides e-billing services to eliminate manual billing processes:
  • Eliminate costs such as paper, printing, photocopies, storage and courier.
  • Decrease billing and collection cycle times.
  • Receive bills in real time.
  • Decrease costs for document loss..

Daily monitoring

With Pay-me you can monitor each transaction to prevent fraud, theft or identify theft.